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First Let us start with a major player.

Danni Ashe

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Check out Danni’s profile at Boobpedia

Danni is a legend in the fight world mainly because she is a straight legend to begin with. Her work with the catfighting studio Napali is remarkable. When Danni or Leah Manzari sold Danni.com and retired from the adult industry she retired from the world of catfighting too. Well now she is back, and she has already gained several targets on her back.







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See more of Danni at her original home Danni.com.



Danni has older fight videos. I need the company name or links for free.




Napali Video

Still more of Danni is available here. Napali Video produced the best catfighting videos because they gathered the best talent. If you are a fan of super-busty models, you must visit Napali Video. The best boobs were all here. As years passed, they featured more lovey dovey boob rubbing. That is not my cup of tea, but even those videos are worth the price of admission considering the mega boobed babes they featured. They also excelled at Glamour videos that paid tribute to these models allowing you to explore every inch of their amazing talents.





First up to create problems for Danni’s return is rival:

Charmaine Sinclair

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Check out Charmaine’s profile at Boobpedia

Charmaine Sinclair runs the Porn Star Fight Club. The PSFC was the last catfighting club Danni was a member of. She was often dominated and owned by Charmaine. The club was such that the ladies often bet their freedom with the losers becoming sex slaves. In fact, Danni could not just leave the club. She had to fight in an “Escape Clause” match to earn her freedom from her then owner. As soon as she found out Danni resurfaced, she started scheming to lure the fly back into the web.






The Porn Star Fight Club series was written by Pocus for the great Kim and Ginny porn star catfight page. The entirety of this series along with Kim and Ginny’s massive fight library are being hosted by Stone Rage Catfights. More important than the porn star blast from the past, is Stone Rage’s currently running Celebrity fight series. These fantastic celebrity fight fantasy dramas are decades in the making. Visit Stone Rage to see what you have been missing.



Another major concern for Danni Ashe as she returns is her most official rival…

Cindy Margolis

Cindy Margolis

Check out Cindy’s profile at Boobpedia

Cindy Margolis controls the underground celebrity league which recently has been consisting mostly of Playmates and lingerie models. The more legitimate production of Stonerage’s Battle Zone has syphoned away much of the celebrity talent, so Margolis focuses more on B and C list celebs like scream queens and playboy bunnies. The history of her league dates to the old days of Catfighting Fantasies. Her league has no web presence, but their matches will be available here. Like Charmaine Sinclair, learning of Danni’s return sparked planning to challenge the legend once again.






Again, this is the place for fantasy celebrity catfights. This is the “Go to” site for serious lovers of fantasy fights. While touring Stone Rage Catfights do not forget to check out the library, he is hosting the fantasy fight pioneers Kim and Ginny. Both have original stories from multiple talented authors.

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As you have seen, Boobpedia is the encyclopedia of busty women. It is my “go to” for any information on busty talent.




Coming Soon

Africa Sexxx vs Danni Ashe

Photos from africa Sexx (africasexxx) on MyspacePin auf Model:Danni Ashe

In Catfighting Fantasies first original story since it is long hiatus, we will bring you Danni’s first fight since her retirement. And her opponent is the very person responsible for ending her fight career in the first place, the mega tits ebony goddess “the great” Africa Sexxx. This impromptu brawl that started as a chance meeting at a restaurant while Danni or Leah Manzari was in the middle of a business luncheon, took place in the ladies’ room. When last they met, Africa was the superior fighter. She had lost their first match in the Porn Star Fight Club PSFC, only to brawl with Danni after the loss and overturn the decision. Her illegal actions and her claim as winner were challenged by the rules of the club, but in those days the corruption of the club was heavily biased against blondes. The club’s slogan was “where blondes submit!” In their second and final match, Africa threatened to finish Danni with one punch and shook the crowd as she followed through with her promise. Danni would suffer for her loss at the hands of more than just Africa that night, as she got passed around as a sex toy to the great Sarenna Lee. Danni would fight for the rest of the year as an avatar for Africa’s whims facing whomever Africa thought would give Danni the worst beatings. When Danni lost, she was punished for making Africa look bad. And when she won, she was punished for as Africa put it, “thinkin you somethin.” Danni fought hard to escape the club which meant escaping Africa Sexxx and when she did, she retired fully. Now she has the opportunity for vengeance as the universe delivers a chance to face one of her most dangerous and hated rivals.